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Respiratory Meds


Are you a Respiratory Therapist (RT) or Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP)? If so, this app was designed just for you. Respiratory Meds contains 44 of the most commonly used medications for health care providers. This app gives you the pertinent Respiratory Therapy information you need right at your fingertips. Features included:- Fully customizable drug database- Customize each drug to your facility's policy!- Ability to add your own drugs- More features coming soon!
Drug Database includes:- Accolate- AccuNeb- Adrenalin- Advair- Aerolin- Aerobid- Aerospan- Alupent- Alvesco- Atrovent- Azmacort- Beclovent- Brethaire- Brethine- Bricanyl- Bronkaid- Brovana- Combivent- Decadron- Duoneb- Flovent- Foradil- Intal- Isuprel- Maxair- MicroNefrin- Mucomyst- Phyllocontin- Prednisone- Proventil- Pulmicort- QVAR HFA- Respolin- Salbutamol- Serevent- Singulair- Solu-Cortef- Solu-Medrol- Spiriva- Theo-Dur- Tornalate- Vaponephrin- Xopenex- Zyflo
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